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About us

Consulting / Sales

Daniel Gessler

I am a professional toolmaker who has over 40 years of stamping technology experience, installation of presses & servo-controlled press feeders, equipment maintenance and staff coaching.

My engagement in optimization process and project management team will lead the team to identifying clear priorities, potential and strengths, constantly review the product and provides early on solution for improvement. This will elaborate your cost reduction and time shortening. Implementation of an extensively documentation is the fundamental of the success.

Meeting customer demand and fulfilling its satisfaction is always my biggest goal!

Translation / Administration

Jasmine Chan

Completed my Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and later a graduated diploma in Marketing management. Over 20 years experience in handling business with Chinese textile Manufacturers.

Great experience in negotiation with Chinese suppliers, communication and organizational skills will be beneficial to the customers. Speak fluently Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese, English and German, well understanding of the culture differences between east and west that avoid misunderstanding and building long lasting relationship with the suppliers.